Our Team. Group photo of Daniel Kish, Brian Bushway, Juan Ruiz and Thomas Tajo.
'Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much. Helen Keller.Image: Silhouette of Daniel Kish walking.


One of the proudest legacies of the 15+ years of effort by Daniel Kish to educate and liberate blind persons from the traditional cycles of marginalized dependency, has been the Team of Perceptual Navigation Instructors he’s assembled from his students who have grown-up with FlashSonar™ Echolocation and his No Limits philosophy. 

OUR TEAM (Preview)

The Real-Life ‘Batman’

Daniel Holds two Masters degrees, Life-Span Developmental Psychology from California State University, San Bernardino, and Special Education from Cal. State Los Angeles. Daniel is the first totally blind person to obtain certification in orientation and mobility – Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist (COMS), since 1996, and is the first totally blind person to hold both COMS and the National Orientation and Mobility Certificant (NOMC), since 2005. Learn more about Daniel.

“Hey, there’s that blind skateboarding Dude!”

Brian Bushway hears that often, thanks to global TV programs, and his appearance with Daniel Kish in X Ambassador’s Renegades music video which has over 26 million views on YouTube. Apart from being one cool California Dude, Brian is also one of the proudest legacies of the efforts by Daniel Kish to educate and liberate blind persons. One of our earliest students who lost his sight at 14, Brian uses his insights to help people find opportunities in their ‘blind spots’. Learn more about Brian.

Our Double Guinness World Record Holder

Blind from birth, Juan Ruiz was one of our earliest clients and was the first Perceptual Navigation Coach to be trained and hired by World Access For The Blind.  Juan’s motto has always been ‘Si se puede!’ (Yes you can!). He’s lived up to it in many ways over the years, from being a CIF Wrestling Champion, to setting a Guinness World Record and then breaking it.  Juan is our Multicultural Visioneer and has worked with students, families and organizations around the world. Learn more about Juan.


Our Perceptual Navigation Instructors and Coaches are living embodiments of our pioneering and innovative teaching systems because they were once our students, and have grown with us. Their own life experiences with blindness provide powerful insights and inspiration for all our students as they teach them to



Maurice Peret, NOMCT

Chairman, Board of Directors, World Access for the Blind
Lead O&M Instructor & Projects Coordinator, Blind Industries & Services of Maryland Rehabilitation Department

Bruno Dacquay, MS

Vice President Surgical Instrumentation
Research and Development
Alcon Irvine Technology Center

Hector Elias

Social Security Administration

Jim McCarthy

Retired Executive Developer, TWA


Chetan Bakhru

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