Activational Speakers. Upgrade from Motivational to Activational Speakers with Forward-thinking Solutions. IMage: Photo of Daniel Kish onstage at the Global TED Conference in Vancouver.
Quote: 'It usually takes me about three weeks . . . to prepare a good impromptu speech.' Mark Twain



For far too many generations, the prevailing image of a blind person has been an illustration or photo of someone sitting on a blanket or a piece of cardboard with a tin cup and a small sign that reads

Help Me. I am blind.

More recently, you may have encountered a viral video online about the power of words that changed the sign to read:

It’s a beautiful day and I can’t see it.

There followed a deluge of coins into the tin cup, perhaps well-intended, but no less de-humanizing in how it portrays the blind subject as helpless and doomed to a life of begging.




Then book one of our VISIONEERS for a keynote speech or a VISIONEERING Workshop and watch as they go mythbusting and shift into Activational Drive to re-engineer and re-calibrate everyone’s perceptions of the capabilities of blind people and how we teach them a new way to see with sound by seeing and thinking about the world around them in a new way.

When it’s a beautiful day, our students are outside making the most of it!

You can also learn how we teach sighted people to see through the dark unknown of challenges at home, school or work and join the ranks of TED, Proctor & Gamble, PayPal, PopTech, and other Fortune 500s that have booked and acclaimed our

Activational Speakers.



Daniel Kish stands center stage during his Keynote Speech at the Aspire Conference in Krakow, Poland. A large center screen portrays the Conference theme "Brave New World" behind him and is flanked by two video screens showing a closer live video-shot of Daniel.

Lead Visioneer Daniel Kish delivers an Activational Keynote Address at the 2018 Aspire Conference in Kraków, Poland.

Watch and learn how the childhood story of “Jack And The Beanstalk” can impact a blind child’s life, inspiring a lifelong quest of reaching for the sky and teaching blind persons how to reach for their own Perceptual Freedom.

GLOBAL: Zero Project 2018

Daniel Kish presents a Keynote Address at the ZeroCon 2018 event at the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna, Austria. Image: Daniel stands in the foreground while a raised screen shows a live video screen of his address as well as a large photo slide and real-time captioning.

Lead Visioneer Daniel Kish gives a Keynote Address at the Zero Project 2018 Conference at the Unnited Nations Headquarters in Vienna where he is also presented with a Zero Project Innovative Practice Award for Visioneers’ | WAFTB’s teaching of FlashSonar Echolocation.

Watch Daniel’s Keynote and learn more about the Award on our Zero Project Page.

GLOBAL: TED Conference

Lead Visioneer Daniel Kish is named a Top Ten Talk at the 2015 TED event in Vancouver.

As TED writes: “Daniel Kish has learned to “see” using a form of echolocation. In a rousing talk, Kish shows how this works – and asks us all to let go of our fear of the dark unknown.”

Watch the video, (almost 1.2M views) and visit Daniel’s TED page.

Daniel Kish: TEDX Observer keynote in London, England in 2012.
YouTube video thumbnail shows Daniel Kish onstage at the 2013 TEDx Gateway talk in Mumbai, India. Click the thumbnail to go to the video on YouTube.
YouTube video thumbnail shows Lead Visioneer Daniel Kish on stage in front of the audience in the background at the 2011 TEDx SOCal event in Long Beach, California.

Testimonial from Chris Anderson: Chief Curator of TED:

“Daniel, THANK YOU. you were wonderful! You’ve got an amazingly compelling way of speaking — curiosity and intelligence and interest oozing out of every phrase that you utter. It’s so listenable to! You talk as if you’re alive and thinking through every word, and I absolutely love that!”

See and hear Chris and Daniel chat at the 10:53 mark in the video.

Learn more about Daniel Kish. #BlindNotBroken

GLOBAL: PopTech Conference

Image shows Lead Visioneer Daniel Kish gives an activational talk onstage with the PopTech logo behind him.

Daniel Kish voted Talk Of The Day at PopTech for his talk on Blindness & Freedom.

PopTech writes: “Kish’s organization, World Access for the Blind, trains the visually impaired to achieve greater freedom and mobility through echolocation, a technique that simulates a bat’s night vision of perceiving the environment through sound.”

Testimonial from Andrew Zolli Curator and Executive-Director of PopTech:

“This is just a small, belated note to THANK YOU, again, for your participation in PopTech this year. I heard nothing but great things about your talk and I hope you enjoyed the experience of being with us in Camden.”


GLOBAL: IdeaFestival

Photo of Daniel Kish being interviewed during a Question and Answer session at IdeaFestival 2015 in Louisville, Kentucky.

After a standing ovation for his Activational Keynote at IdeaFestival 2015 in Louisville, Kentucky, Daniel Kish takes part in a moderated Q&A Session with Founder Kris Kimel.

IFTV writes:”Daniel Kish has worked with tens of thousands of blind clients and families to help break down the barriers to realizing the potential for blind people.”

Testimonial from Kris Kimel Founder of IdeaFestival:

“Daniel, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to present at the IdeaFestival. Your talk was great and incredibly informative and insightful. You are doing amazing work.”


USA: MIT Media Lab

Photo of Daniel Kish with MIT Media lab logo superimposed.

Lead Visioneer Daniel Kish M.Ed /M.Psy, gives a Keynote and consults at MIT Media Lab.

Watch the video

GLOBAL: No Barriers

Image: Daniel Kish speaks onstage at No Barriers University.

Daniel Kish on the barriers blind people still face in pursuing self-directed freedom.

Listen to the audio

USA: PayPal Keynote

Image: Photograph of the exterior of PayPal's Headquarters showing two building wings joined at a central atrium.

Lead Visioneer Daniel Kish on “Learning To See Better” at PayPal’s corporate HQ.

Watch the video

USA: Proctor & Gamble

Image: Daniel Kish onstage at the Proctor and Gamble Keynote. Some of the companies products are generically placed into shelves on the background set.

Lead Visioneer Daniel Kish on “Activating Creativity” at P&G’s Annual Meeting.

Watch the video

Book Daniel Kish via All American Speakers Bureau.
Book Daniel Kish via The Harry Walker Agency.
Book Daniel Kish via Parliament Speakers.
Book Daniel Kish via Premiere Speakers Bureau.
Photo: Brian Bushway delivers a keynote address at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California.

USA: The Doctors TV Program

Brian Bushway appears as a guest on The Doctors TV program and gives a demonstration about FLashSonar.

Visioneer Brian Bushway, M.Ed, demonstrates FlashSonar™ Echolocation on “The Doctors”.

Watch the video

GLOBAL: Brain Awareness

Image: Senior Visioneer Brian Bushway raises his arms while holding his Perception cane and a sounding board to emphasize a point while delivering a Keynote Address for Brain Awareness Week 2014 at the CEnter for Integrative Neuroscience at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Brian Bushway makes a point at the Center for Integrative Neuroscience @ U of N, Reno.

Watch the video

USA: Braille Institute

Photo of Juan Ruiz and Brian Bushway onstage.

Visioneers Brian Bushway, and Juan Ruiz at The National Braille Challenge.

Watch the video

RUSSIA: Sound Festival

Thomas Tajo leads blind and sighted people along a Moscow trail after his presentation.

Learn more about Thomas


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WAFTB TV-Video. Image shows logos from some of the international TV networks WAFTB has appeared on against a backdrop of video thumbnails.


MEDIA:Print - Men's Journal Profile of Daniel Kish. Image: Screengrab of page with Men's Journal logo andthtle: The blind man who taught himself to see.
MEDIA:Radio: NPR exposes the real-life Batman. Image: Scnreengrab of NPR website with a illustration of a cyclist and the title: 'How to Become Batman.'
MEDIA: TV|VIDEO: DANIEL KISH VOTED A TOP-TEN TALK AT TED. Image: Daniel Kish, President of World Access For The Blind, stands onstage with the TED logo behind him.


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