Visioneers. Support Early Intervention. Image: Lead Visioneer Daniel Kish makes FlashSonar clicks into a bowl as he instructs Little Ran at her level on a carpet.
Visioneers. Support Student Workshops. Image: Photo shows Senior Visioneer Brian Bushway with students at a FlashSonar workshop during a Science Fair at their school in Los Angeles.
Visioneers. Support Student Scholarships. Image: Junior Visioneer Nathan leads Visioneers Daniel Kish and Brian Bushway down a corridor in a community recreation center by using FlashSonar by way of a hand clicker and his perception cane.


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Help us share life-changing Perceptual Freedom. We depend upon your support. Image: Silhouette of Daniel Kish walking with his full-length navigation cane.
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The work of VISIONEERS is very simple:

We teach blind persons of all ages to see with sound. We teach sighted people to see better.

The impact of our work is very simple:

Blind persons gain self-directed freedom from well-intentioned, but outdated, orientation and mobility programs and attitudes that foster sighted dependence.

The best way for you to be a part of our mission is also very simple:

Give a blind child, teen or adult the life skills of Perceptual Vision by making a secure online donation anytime you’re able. Thank you.


Image: Lead Visioneer Daniel Kish trains Junior Visioneer Nava self-directed Perceptual Navigation techniques.

What a year it has been!

As you may have read previously on our Facebook page, I was named an Ashoka Fellow late last year, and have been selected to present a Keynote Address to, and network with, hundreds of stakeholders and policy makers at the Zero Project Conference for a Barrier-Free World at the U.N. Headquarters in Vienna, and also to undergo a special impact accelerator program to help World Access for the Blind/Visioneers scale-up our work to increase and broaden its impact across the U.S. and around the world.

We were one of 10 out of 371 selected, so I am most appreciative.…/daniel-kish-on-blindness-navigatin…/

Other opportunities are also opening to us. The potentials for networking and support are staggering for all people who face ability challenges. We are most grateful.

These humbling achievements are leading to some game changing expansions of our work and its impact on people that promise to put us in a whole new high-profile league of high-impact capacity and influence.

Not only am I immensely honored, but I am ever reminded that it is all happening in part because of the generous support of our work by many of you who subscribe to receive our Newsletters and who make a donation online or by check. You are our Champions! Thank you most sincerely!

You can read more about all of this in our most recent Newsletter:

I write this letter as a direct appeal for your kind support once more, in whatever manner you can spare it. Because, as exciting and richly rewarding as these opportunities promise to be for us and our students in a future within our grasp, at present we are struggling out of the most financially compromising year we have ever experienced.

These opportunities for a bright and open future are projected to begin gaining us traction by mid 2018 to early 2019. What we need now are the means to reach that future intact.

Growing from my training a few dozen local blind students and their families and supporters to half a dozen blind instructors training over 15,000 in nearly two-thirds of the U.S. and 39 countries through several spin-off organizations, I have never felt at once so hopeful about a prosperous future and so daunted by the task of ensuring our immediate survival.

The social impact of 2017 has, as for so many, constricted our resource stream and threatened our capacity to sustain our life-changing services which have reached almost legendary proportions over the last 17 years of solid growth. How quickly that can change for better or worse.

Given the right boost with your help, I am certain that we can find ourselves back on track for the better. I don’t know how else to express to you my concern except to say simply that, in order to achieve and maintain traction long enough to make effective use of the opportunities availed to us, we simply need your help, as much as you can reasonably give.

Please help us by making a secure online donation below.

All of us at World Access For The Blind/Visioneers and our Junior Visioneer students across the USA and around the world are warmly appreciative of your support.

Daniel Kish


IMAGE: Daniel Kish instructs 9 year-old Nava Madani in FlashSonar echolocation and full-length cane technique along a tree-lined street.

Be A Flash Of Inspiration!

Even in this day and age, many blind children in the United States and around the world are ‘falling through the cracks’ of society due to a lack of funding or lack of access to educational resources and services, resulting in language and mobility delays and leading to isolation and dependence. The situation is even worse if they have been diagnosed on the Autism spectrum or with other sensory conditions.

For over 18 years, World Access For The Blind | Visioneers has specialized in working with these students, their families and school districts to formulate multi-faceted activational programs and mobility training approaches designed to instill knowledge, competence, confidence and self-directed independence in these students.

And as media coverage of our work echoes our clicks to billions of people around the world, we need to train and hire more instructors in the USA to meet the backed-up demand for our services.

Be a flash of inspiration for a blind student by contributing to our FlashSonar™ Tuition Scholarships, so that they can learn to light-up their world and leave the darkness behind.

Thank you!

‘Staying The Course Took Perseverance’

Following the founding of World Access For The Blind in 2000, 9/11 shook the economy “top to bottom”, as Success Magazine’s profile of Daniel Kish states. “All funding dried up overnight”, he [Kish] says [while waiting for his tax-exempt status to be confirmed]. He lived off his savings and credit cards . . . his gas was turned off . . . ‘my cupboards were bare’.

But thousands of clients later, Kish is still operating on a budget far leaner than he’d like, in part because he never turns any student away.”

Some years are better than others. 2017 was a particularly challenging year for funding for many charities across the United States, including ours, for political and other reasons. As you read in the message from Lead Visioneer Daniel Kish, we have many exciting opportunities coming up this year, but we need your immediate help to bridge the funding gap in the meantime.

Please help Daniel and the rest of the Visioneers | World Access For The Blind Team bridge that gap to continue to reach more blind students by making a secure online donation that is tax-deductible in the United States. We’ve partnered with the most secure online donation services to make sure your that when you enter your information is strongly encrypted and protected.

Thank you!

“The Boat’s Become A Ship – We Need A Bigger Engine!”

Visioneers | World Access for the Blind is a California-registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity that is disrupting well-intentioned, but outdated models of orientation and mobility education for blind persons that keeps them dependent on sighted guidance, and sighted-thinking.

We break through decades-old attitudes and paradigms by teaching blind people to see for themselves in an innovative and self-directed way. We’re a small organization of five blind instructors and a few paid or pro-bono consultants, who can barely keep up with demand. Global media coverage of our work has created a waiting list of blind and sighted people who want to learn our FlashSonar™ Echolocation for personal or professional reasons.

Your donations help to cover related training expenses such as travel and accommodation, especially where we provide affordable or pro-bono services to low-income students in need across the United States and around the world. With the launch of our Visioneers brand, we’ve added new services for Professionals in the Orientation and Mobility field, for Schools and Enterprise operations and other service categories with goal of building revenue that can sustain our current operations, and combined with your donations, build an endowment for the future that enables us to build the Visioneers Academy and support the training and hiring of more instructors to satisfy the growing demand for our services.

We hope you’ll be one of our Champions by making a donation today. Thank you!

Visioneers. Video: "Around The World With FlashSonar". See how your donations change lives in the USA & Globally.


Australia. Image: Daniel Kish works with a toddler while helping her to walk using a Perception Cane at a workshop in Australia.
Austria. Image: Black and white photo of Senior Multicultural Visioneer Juan Ruiz working with a young blind student in Tyrol, Austria.
Belgium. Newest addition to the Visioneers Team, Thomas Tajo holds a plate beside a blind student for directional FlashSonar training at a workshop in Belgium.
Canada. Image: Lead Visioneer Daniel Kish works with students from Blind Beginnings in a park in Vancouver, British Columbia.
England. Image: Lead Visioneer Daniel Kish bends over as he instructs a young blind girl on using her long Perception Navigation Cane on the patio in her back yard on a sunny day.
France. Image: Senior Multicultural Visioneer Juan Ruiz scouts sculpted entablature for tactile interest at the Louvre in Paris, ahead of a training session.
Germany. Image: Senior Multicultural Visioneer Juan Ruiz instructs a blind boy on how to use his long Perception Cane to detect the height of a step at an outdoor fountain in Germany.
The Netherlands. Workshop Visoneer Thomas Tajo instructs a young blind boy on how to hold his long Perception Cane while navigating in a park,
Norway. Image: Lead Visioneer Daniel Kish stands beside Workshop Visioneer Thomas Tajo in a group photo with blind students in Norway at a weekend workshop.
Russia. Image: Workshop Visioneer Thomas Tajo leads blind and sighted participants in the outdoor portion of two workshops at the Sound festival in Moscow.
Scotland. Image: Lead Visioneer Daniel Kish speaks before a charity concert at the Lanark Community Hall by Junior Visioneer Ethan David Loch.
Switzerland. Image: Senior Multicultural Visioneer Juan Ruiz and his wife Nina pause for a scenic photo at an outlook in Zurich on the way to a training session.
Thailand. Image: A group photo at the Foundation for the Blind in Thailand asVisioneers Daniel Kish, Brian Bushway and Thomas Tajo stand with staff members and blind trainee Visioneers coaches after they've received their Instructor Certificates of various ranks.
USA. Image: Lead Visioneer Daniel Kish and Senior Visioneer Brian Bushway train in a park with junior Visioneer Nathan as the session is recorded for a podcast.
USA. Senior Visioneer Brian Bushway stands for a photo with students at a Los Angeles school after a FlashSonar Workshop at their Science Fair.
USA. Image: Adult Visioneering student Kevin practices hearing his FlashSonar echoes reflect off the walls of shops at the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California.




American Printing House for the Blind presents the definitive textbook on FlashSonar Echolocation written by Daniel Kish, considered the foremost expert on the subject, and Jo Hook, Attorney and Professor of Rehabilitation.

Here’s what APH says about it: Echolocation and FlashSonar provides research, case examples, instructional approaches, and practice exercises that can lead to mastery of echolocation skills.

This guidebook, written by Daniel Kish and Jo Hook, provides instructional strategies for teaching persons who are blind and visually impaired who are working independently. Although Echolocation and FlashSonar works well as an instructional manual for O&M specialists, it can also be used by adults who are blind and visually impaired and who are not working with rehabilitation professionals. An extensive list of references and resources is provided for the reader. The cost is $77.00 and a Braille edition is available as a free download.

We hope you will enjoy this book, and find it helpful. Neither the authors nor Visioneers/WAFTB receive any royalties for the sale of this book. If you find this book helpful, please consider helping us reach more blind students in more places with your tax deductible donation to Visioneers | World Access for the Blind.

Thank you kindly.


Photo of Daniel Kish on stage at the global TED Conference in Vancouver.


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