Visioneers logo is positioned above a black and white Photo of Daniel Kish leading Instructors and students in an "All for one and one for alll" salute with their navigation canes. The logo is made up of yellow silhouettes from left to right of a cyclist, Daniel Kish, and a girl playing soccer with the ball in a plastic bag, each set against a gradient gray sonar wave above the name Visioneers in white, and the slogan "Our Vision Is Sound" in yellow, immediately below, all set in to slightly faded yellow dots that form the letter V, which can be symbolic of Braille dots as well as the raised dots on yellow tactile assistive pavement inserts for blind travelers.
FlashSonar icon consisting of a yellow side silhouette of the head of Daniel Kish sending out small sonar waves by clicking his tongue set against a gradient grey set of reflecting sonar waves emanating from a circular center.
Yellow full length silhouette of Daniel Kish walking with a full-length SonarCane reflecting white sonar waves back to Daniel is set again a gradient grey set of Sonar rings reflecting the surrounding environment. above the words Cane Sonar.
Sonar Vision. Image consists of a yellow reflecting sonar wave in front of an outgoing gradient grey sonar wave.


The above drafts have been composed as a way of meeting in the middle with some ideas that have emerged from the Austria project.

Our iconography has been in place since 2010 consisting of the interconnecting sonar waves and the silhouettes of Daniel, the cyclist, and the soccer player who can be interpreted as male or female because of the hair length.

These icons are what distinguish us from every other blindness organization in the world. In the evolution of our branding identity to Visioneers, while retaining our “Service Mark” slogan “Our Vision Is Sound”, we’ve also introduced the letter V to be an anchoring frame for the logo configuration.

The dots have evolved so that they are all the same size, and can be evocative of Braille notes, and with the evolution to a yellow color, they can also be representative of the raised dots on the yellow tactile navigation installations at sidewalk corners or edges that serve as an alert ¬†for blind pedestrians. For example, there is a strip of them where the pavement transitions to asphalt roadway outside the entrance of a local Ralph’s grocery store.


The subsequent icons below the main banner are meant to help simplify the explanation of what we do, and to evolve a consistent visual and verbal vocabulary around that explanation. The first box, FlashSonar, our refined and advanced method of echolocation is depicted by the head and shoulders yellow silhouette of Daniel emitting sonar waves from his tongue clicks set against the gradient grey background sonar rings/waves. In the middle box, Cane Sonar, the full-length yellow silhouette of Daniel walks with his Sonar Cane as it reflects white sonar waves from the surrounding environment set against the gradient gray sonar rings/waves in the background. And in the third box, SonarVision, a yellow set of sonar rings/waves are set against the gradient grey rings/waves in the background.

The echoes from our FlashSonar clicks combined with additional context of the echoes from our CaneSonar activate the brain’s Visual Cortex which is trained over time to produce SonarVision, a new way for blind people to see with sound.

Some alternate versions of the colors in the main banner are listed below. The first is a version with Daniel’s silhouette in white, but it tends to visually unbalance the configuration. That’s followed by a version with the dots in the V as a muted grey/white background, but it doesn’t weave together the full effect of the yellow and it’s use in assistive signage and street inserts.


The logo version chosen for the top is the recommended configuration meant to give us an internationally recognizable “flat” design that is clearly visible at distance and in low light, and it can be utilized on sports jerseys or other clothing with similar yellow and white colored reflective adornments on black material.

Like other English language brands, such as Nike, Apple, Microsoft and so on, the name VISIONEERS is meant to be used consistently in every country, as are the iconography and the Service Marks for our “products and services” “Our Vision Is Sound”, “Visioneering”, “FlashSonar”, “CaneSonar” and “SonarVision”, in the same way Apple’s iPhone, Microsoft’s X-Box, or Nike’s Air Max 720 are branded the same way in every language. Supportive language on their websites in non-English countries is in the local language.


Alternate version of main banner with Daniel's silhouette in white.
Alternate top banner with background dots color changed to muted grey.
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