J Steele-Louchart - Masters degree in Special Education - Orientation and Mobility for children | Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology. Perceptual Navigation / Activational Workshop Visioneer. Photo: J Steele-Louchart standing with his perception cane in a library.
Quote: If you can . . . do! If you can't . . . try! J.Steele-Louchart


Justin ‘J’ Steele-Louchart is another proud legacy of our efforts to educate and liberate blind persons.

Blind from the age of 12, J began teaching himself Perceptual Navigation based on materials published online by World Access For The Blind Lead Founder and President Daniel Kish. We’re proud to have him as a member of the Visioneers team.



We’re happy to announce that, in keeping with his Buddhist faith, J has legally changed his name to Sanho Steele-Louchart.

We’ll be progressively making the update throughout his page.


Photo: J Steele-Louchart holding up a mesh grate in front of blind student Anthony as he teaches him FlashSonar echolocation.


J is a Perceptual Navigation Coach for World Access For The Blind and works with blind students of all ages in individual and small group workshops. He’s eager to include their families. interested instructors and other support personnel in the training.

J’s message is always one of integrity and strength in facilitating self-direction.

Personal Bio of J. Steele-Louchart

Justin ‘J’ Steele-Louchart was born and raised in Michigan and went blind at the age of 12 due to X-linked Retinoschesis and the long-term consequences of Retinopathy of Prematurity.

He began teaching himself the Perceptual Navigation FlashSonar™ techniques from materials published online by Daniel Kish, and began working formally with Daniel and World Access for the Blind two years later.

J now says that blindness is by far the best thing that ever happened to him, and if he had the chance, he wouldn’t go back to being sighted.

He works with students and professionals within a results-based, growth-based model, meaning that he fundamentally believes that every single person he meets can and will make their dreams come true, just so long as they have the conditions in which to succeed.

He tells his students and audiences to do their own impossible, and maintains that no matter what, no matter who you are, he believes in you.

J believes that every student, and every person, deserves someone in their corner.He believes in people even when they don’t believe in themselves.

Credentials. Image; J Steele-Louchart instructs sighted children in FlashSonar echolocation at the No Barriers Workshop.

Justin ‘J’ Steele-Louchart has a a Master’s degree in the Special Education sub-field of orientation and mobility for children and a B.A. in bio-cultural anthropology through his studies at Western Michigan University (WMU).

J speaks English, Latin and Italian, is learning German, Russian and Spanish, and has coached students in the United States,  Canada,  Germany, Italy and Mexico.

He has co-written a book on mobility techniques titled ‘The Beginner’s Guide To Echolocation‘.

As a profile of J in The Western Michigan University Magazine states, “For now, he’s happy to share his expertise so others can do as much as he does.”

He co-authored an article with Daniel Kish about World Access for the Blind’s Freedom Formula, translated for an annual French journal:

“La mobilité perçue: un nouveau paradigme pour faciliter la liberté de mouvement”

[Perceptual Mobility: A new Paradigm for Facilitating Freedom of Movement] Daniel Kish et Justin Louchart, Terra Haptica N°3, pp.121-132, Edition Les Doigts Qui Rêvent, 2013

Presently, J serves as a Perceptual Navigation Coach for World Access for the Blind, a Los Angeles area-based 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization that teaches Perceptual Navigation and sensory awareness.

J  has presented workshops and seminars throughout the U.S. and Italy on FlashSonar™ and Perceptual Navigation, delivering various activational presentations and workshops to blindness professionals, special educators, and students, delivering public Keynotes and seminars on overcoming expectations, and maintaining a prolific presence in a range of online forums.

J also works one-on-one with blind students of all ages in more personalized training.

He has provided Perceptual Navigation support several years running for Braille Beats Music Intensive and The Road Lies Ahead Navigation program, and has held positions in school districts, universities, and other organizations as instructional assistant, tutor, and mobility coach.

J’s work has been showcased in BBC and Weather Channel documentaries, and he has also appeared on Italian and German Television networks.

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As a more recent addition to our team, J is just starting to build a global reputation, having been featured in documentaries on the Weather Channel and the BBC, in addition to appearances on TV networks in Germany and Italy. He also maintains an active presence on multiple online forums related to issues about blindness.

MEDIA: TV | Video: The Weather Channel" "Freaks of Nature": J Steele-Louchart Freaks Out Host. Image: Close-up video frame of J's left profile with a sonar wave super-imposed on the frame.
Image: J. Steele-Louchart is interviewed in Weather Channel documentary.
Photo: Close-up of J. Steele-Louchart from Weather Channel documentary.
Image: Closeup of J's face half-dissolved into a graphic simulating FlashSonar echolocation waves reflecting off a tree.
Video frame: J. Steele-Louchart points out the shape of a tree to documentary host.


Image: Logo of The Naked Scientists Podcast our of the University of Cambridge. Illustration shows a parody of Leonardo D'aVinci's Vetruvian man with the foreground person wearing a bowler hat, sunglasses and a labcoat with arms extended outward and upward while a black silhouette of another person behind him has their legs and arms extended horizontally. Click here to go to their Facebook page.

The Naked Scientists on Durham Study

Online/Podcast – 03-April 2018

How do some people use sound to see? Georgia Mills of The Naked Scientists podcast spoke with Workshop Visioneer J Steele-Louchart and  Dr. Lore Thaler of Durham University in Great Britain.

Lead Visioneer Daniel Kish and some of our Instructor Visioneers have been working with Dr. Thaler on echolocation studies for a number of years.

The results of their latest work, co-authored by Daniel, have been published in the Journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B Biological Sciences.

Learn more about the study in our Special Report.

Visioneers:Media: Radio-Podcasts: Podcast: Louchart and Thaler on Study. Image: Naked Scientists Podcast logo with the headline: A world of silhouettes:Seeing with sound. Link to their podcast page.



One of the proudest legacies of the decades-long efforts by Daniel Kish to educate and liberate blind persons from the traditional cycles of marginalized dependency, has been the team of Perceptual Navigation Visioneers he’s assembled from his students who have grown up with FlashSonar™ Echolocation and its NO LIMITS philosophy.

Visioneers Media: FlashSonar Textbook. Preview and order the definitive textbook about learning to see with sound. Image: Cover of "Echolocation and FlashSonar" by Daniel Kish and Jo Hook, featuring a photo of Daniel Kish speaking at the Global Ted Conference is set against a photo of Chapter 1-What is Echolocation?



When it’s a beautiful day, our students ‘see’ it in a new way.

Our scientifically-proven FlashSonar™ echolocation lights-up the brain’s Visual Cortex – the part normally used for vision – with audible spatial feedback, like flashes of light in the dark lighting-up the surrounding environment.

We operate entirely on donations.

Be the flash of opportunity by donating towards a FlashSonar™ Tuition Scholarship for a blind child, teen or adult, so we can

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