Brian Bushway - Masters degree in Special Education | Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication - Minor in Non-Profit Management. Senior Perceptual Navigation / Enterprise Visioneer | Activational Presenter. Photo of Brian Bushway riding a bicycle in a Los Angeles park on a sunny day.
Quote caption: Caption: 'Blindness is not a matter of enjoying the world more or less . . . it's about enjoying it differently' - Brian Bushway.



Senior Instructor Visioneers stars as blind UNO® player

Mattel and the National Federation of the Blind have partnered together to create a Braille edition of UNO®, the iconic family card game. UNO® has always prided itself on being a card game for everyone, but often blind and low-vision people found it difficult to participate. Now, with easily readable Braille dots on every card, blind and low-vision players can participate in the fun. You can learn more about it at the Mattel page for it.

We’re proud that Senior Instructor Visioneer Brian Bushway was asked to be the blind player in the “How To” video for the game which you can watch below. Hmmm, wonder who wins?


PBS Digital Studio’s “It’s Okay To Be Smart” 

From Dr. Joe Hanson: I met Molly Burke a few months ago. She’s awesome. I absolutely love what she’s done on YouTube to bring awareness to living with disability, and turning it into ability. And her guide dog Gallop is awesome too!

When Molly and I first met, we started talking about how she navigates the world, because I’m a nerd and I always steer the conversation toward science. I was not prepared for what she told me.

She said she uses echolocation! Molly’s brain has adapted to listen to sounds in her environment in ways that most of us sighted people can’t even imagine.

I went to meet her in LA and brought a special surprise, to see if my brain could learn what hers has.


CNN’s Great Big Story profiles Instructor Visioneer Brian Bushway

From Great Big Story: Anyone who rides a mountain bike on downhill terrain knows how perilous it can be. Well, imagine riding downhill without being able to see. Brian Bushway is a pro at it. Named by Mountain Bike Magazine as the World’s Best Blind Mountain Biker, he lost his sight when he was 14. Wanting to discover alternative ways to explore the world, Bushway learned how to see with sound. Like bats, he relies on echolocation when he mountain bikes, using sound to locate objects.

Our thanks to Great Big Story for making this Descriptive Audio version of the profile, to show how content can be adapted for blind and visually impaired users.

You can view this video without audio descriptions:



Senior Visioneer Brian Bushway is also one of the proudest legacies of the efforts by Daniel Kish to teach blind people to see with sound and to liberate themselves from traditional dependency and isolation.

One of our earliest students, Brian lost his sight at 14, and is living testimony to the self-directed independence that FlashSonar™ Echolocation can lead to. Brian uses his insights to help people find opportunities in their blind spots.

Photo: Brian Bushway as a toddler dressed in a baseball outfit.

Brian Bushway was born and raised in Southern California and became totally blind at age 14. He lost his sight to optic nerve atrophy.

Through strength and perseverance he continued his high school education, and graduated from Pepperdine University in 2005.

Brian expresses himself in athletics by solo mountain biking, and has been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines, including Bicycling Magazine, Los Angeles Sports & Fitness MagazineThe Free Library, and Psychology Today.

As Contributing Editor Shelley Levitt wrote in SUCCESS Magazine, “Take, for a success story, Brian Bushway, a former student of World Access for the Blind who is now an instructor.

Once a daring in-line skater who mastered the halfpipe, he spent the first six months after he went blind “marooned on a couch listening to books on tape. I was just sort of stuck there. I was bored and missing out.” His sense of what was possible changed when he was introduced to [Daniel] Kish through the Braille Institute in Southern California.

“He was a role model,” Bushway says. “He lived independently, rode his bike everywhere, had gone to college on his own. I said to myself, This guy does it all. If he can figure out how, I can, too.”

Brian has been featured as “Certainly the world’s best totally blind mountain biker” in Mountain Bike Action Magazine, and was selected as one of their most inspirational writers in a special issue.

Brian was one of first riders and organizers of Team Bat, a group of blind, solo mountain bikers and self-reliant athletes.

In 2009 Brian completed the physically challenging 5K Camp Pendleton Mud Run, and also summited Half Dome in one day.

Brian appeared at a John Wooden charity function where he was introduced by John Naber, a three-time Olympic gold medalist, who indicated that if “Mountain Biking were an Olympic sport, Brian would definitely be there”.

Captain J. Charles Plumb USNR, (Ret.), the distinguished and honored former U.S. Navy fighter pilot and P.O.W., referred to Brian as “his hero”.

Photo: Brian Bushway leading a group of blind coach trainees along a street in Bangkok, Thailand. Caption: Credentials.

Brian Bushway graduated from Pepperdine University in 2005 with a degree in Speech Communication and a minor in Non-Profit Management.

In 2019 he achieved his COMS (Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialist) Certification. Congratulations Brian!

While at Pepperdine, Brian produced and hosted a college talk radio show which included commentary on current events and featured comedy bits.

Brian was also instrumental in shaping the Non-Profit Management course at Pepperdine. He worked hand in hand with the business professionals in the greater Los Angeles area, creating the first Community Partners Board.

Brian studied abroad in LyonFrance and then in LondonEngland which provided a foundation of skill sets regarding cultural sensitivities.

Brian delivers activational workshops and presentations to a broad educational, corporate, and non-profit audiences, focusing on embracing life experience and maximizing the opportunities that life has to offer, with an insight to personal growth.

He engages and activates audiences with strategies to think and act like successful navigators of life.

Through his life story and personal demonstrations, he shares his insight into finding the opportunities that are located in peoples “blind spots”.

“It is in our blind spots”, he says, “where lies the untapped potential of additional growth. Once recognized that there is more to gain in all of us, the trick becomes acting on it and moving forward.”

Brian has taught the “Power of Positive Thinking” for the past several years at the Braille Institute of America.

In Feb 2010, Brian served as the Master of Ceremonies and Keynote speaker for the regional Braille Challenge, attended by more than 200 participants and their families.

Brian has appeared in Men’s Journal, the Los Angeles Times, and an acclaimed popular science book, “See What I’m Saying” by Prof. Lawrence Rosenblum, about the power of human senses.

Photo: Brian Bushway speaking at a Bank of America Achievement Awards event. Caption: Professional Bio.

Presently, Brian serves as a Perceptual Navigation Instructor for World Access for the Blind, a Los Angeles area-based 501(c)(3) Non-Profitorganization that teaches Perceptual Navigation and sensory awareness.

In addition to working with blind students from all backgrounds, Brian also serves as a teacher of sighted mobility instructors on the use of FlashSonar™ (a specialized form of Active Echolocation) and Perceptual Navigation strategies.

He designs and implements perceptual development plans for each client, and serves families by offering informational counseling and emotional support.

Brian has provided Perceptual Consulting for international organizations such as Calcutta Mercy Ministries in India. A book about distinctive individuals “Round Pizza in a Square Box” by Amitabh Singh was dedicated to Brian for the work he did in Kolkata.

He also worked with other organizations such as The Armenian Eye Care ProjectCanadian National Institute for the Blind, and Visibility Scotland. He has helped them create blind mobility programs and education courses on FlashSonar™, Perceptual Navigation, and family coaching.

Brian has been featured in full length documentaries produced by Joni and Friends Ministries, BBC Switch ‘Teensville: Bat School For The Blind‘ for children and youth, Calcutta Mercy Ministeries, and Mosaic Ministeries, as well as a featured subject on  The Doctors which is archived with a second video clip, National Geographic’s ‘You Can’t Lick Your Own Elbow‘, and Discovery Canada’s Daily Planet.

Among multiple television and radio programs, Brian has appeared on Ripley’s Believe It or NotFox News, CBS Medical Minute, BBC’s Extraordinary People: ‘The Boy Who Sees without Eyes’, RTL Network’s ‘Spiegel Magazin’, CNN/CNN International’s ‘Vital Signs with Dr. Sanjay Gupta’, and NPR’s This American Life, and The Story on American Public Media.

Brian’s presentations about FlashSonar™ have also been showcased at the Museums of Science and Industry in Chicago and Oregon.



Brian Bushway visioneers activational exchanges that explore attitudes of success, managing change, and learning to adapt to – and navigate – challenges that occasionally come along in life.

Brian’s life achievements are woven into great stories of success as an Activational Speaker.

Photo: Brian Bushway delivers a keynote address at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California.
Video thumbnail: Brian Bushway speaks at Brain Awareness Week 2014 at The Center For Integrative NeuroScience at the University of Nevada-Reno.
Video thumbnail: Brian Bushway speaks at the Braille Institute's Braille Challenge in 2010.
Video thumbnail: Brian Bushway delivers a keynote speech at the Bank of America Achievement Awards.
Video Thumbnail: Brian Bushway speaks at Lions international Governor's Top Club.
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Whether on his own, or as part of the Visioneers Team garnering over 26.7 million views in X Ambassador’s Renegades music video, Brian’s FlashSonar™ clicks have echoed globally via the top international TV, radio and online networks, including ABC Australia, CBS, CCTV, CNN, Discovery, Fox, National Geographic, NPR, RTL, Uproxx and many more.

CBS TV: 'The Doctors': Brian Bushway demonstrates FlashSonar Echolocation.
Video image: BBC Network's 'Switch' series shows a pencil drawing of World Access For The Blind Perceptual Navigation Instructor Brian Bushway making FlashSonar echolocation clicks at a tree as part of the program 'Teenville'.
CNN - Brian Bushway. Video image: Computer animation replication FlshSonar waves going out from and returning to Brian Bushway on the program Vital Signs with Dr. Sanjay Gupta.
Discovery - Brian Bushway. Video image: Brian works with forensic artist Melissa Cooper to describe the shape of a carved wooden object.
Brian Bushway: Video Image: Brian trains a female participant in an episode of National Geographic's 'You Can't Lick Your Own Elbow.





One of the proudest legacies of the decades-long efforts by Daniel Kish to teach blind persons to see with sound and to liberate themselves from the traditional cycles of isolated dependency, has been the team of Perceptual Navigation Visioneers he’s assembled from his students who have grown up with FlashSonar™ Echolocation and its NO LIMITS philosophy.



When it’s a beautiful day, our students see it in a new way.

Our scientifically-proven FlashSonar™ echolocation lights-up the brain’s Visual Cortex – the part normally used for vision – with audible spatial feedback, like flashes of light in the dark lighting-up the surrounding environment.

We operate entirely on donations.

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