Banner slide shows multi-colored silhouettes of cyclists along with black silhouettes of a male and female couple walking with navigation/hiking canes, and a boy in the foreground playing soccer with a ball tied inside a plastic bag to give audio cues, set against a blue world map with Flash Sonar Rings faintly superimposed. The top text reads: World Access For The Blind - Our Service Sectors. Six photo boxes are shown below reading from left to right: Personal, which shows a photo of Perceptual Mobility Instructor Brian Bushway working with a male student; Group, showing our Instructors with participants at a Perceptual Mobility workshop at the 2015 No Barriers Conference; the third box is titled Academic and shows Daniel Kish lying on an MRI unit as it prepares to scan his brain activity; the fourth box is titled Enterprise and shows a photo of our Perceptual Navigation instructors Brian Bushway and Juan Ruiz speaking to a group of employees at a client organization; the fifth box is titled Media and the photo shows Daniel Kish sitting between two stars of the motion picture Thaanavam which he consulted for and made a cameo appearance in; the final box is titled Tech and shows Daniel Kish standing onstage holding a full-length navigation cane at the 2015 TED conference in Vancouver. The lower banner text reads: OUR SERVICES: Perceptual Navigation & Enterprise Consulting: World-wide availability.
Blue quote banner with a light blue silhouette of Daniel Kish in the background reads: ‘When we do the best that we can, we never know what miracle is wrought . . . IN OUR LIFE, OR IN THE LIFE OF ANOTHER’-Helen Keller
Our Classroom Is America and the World. Our passports bear testament to the growing demand at home and abroad for our services. That's why we need your financial support to train and hire more instructors in the United States to meet that global demand.
Large Video Thumbnail shows children and young teens walking from a field into a forest in Germany in a workshop by World Access For The Blind. Text band reads: CNN: 'Seeing Through SOund': World Access For he Blind's Team and it's global work. Click on the thumbnail to watch the video at CNN.
Our photo grid shows two rows of photos from our work in various countries. In order left to right they are Canada: Ted Conference. Daniel Kish, WAFTB President is a Top Ten TED Talk for TED2015. Photo shows Daniel onstage at TED Vancouver. USA: Recreational Clinics - Giving blind children a chance to play using adaptive sports. Photo shows students with instructors on a soccer field with the balls wrapped in plastic bags to give an audible reference to their position. UK: Advocacy for Lily-Grace. Speaking up on behalf of 7 year-old blind girl and her cane rights. Photo shows WAFTB President Daniel Kish standing with participants of a walk in support of Lily-Grace Hooper in Bristol, England. USA: The Road Lies Ahead - Michigan camp with BlindVision teaching Perceptual Navigation. Second row starts with Australia: Personal & Groups. Presented in partnership with our WAFTB Australia affiliate. Belize: Group Workshops - Introducing the larger scope of navigation through FlashSonar. Photo shows WAFTB Perceptual Navigation Instructor Brian Bushway walking with students in a cave. Chile: Group Workshops - Students and Instructors learn the benefits of FlashSonar. Photo shows WAFTB President Daniel Kish and WAFTB Perceptual Navigation Instructor Juan Ruiz standing with instructors and students. Croatia: Instructor Clinics - Our first WAFTB-Certified FlashSonar instructors in the EU. Photo shows WAFTB Perceptual Navigation Instructors Brian Bushway (left) and Juan Ruiz (right) with their Instructor/Students.


Photo for Personal drop-down banner shows World Access For The Blind Perceptual Navigation Instructor Brian Bushway working with a blind teenage boy.
Photo for the Group drop-down banner shows World Access For The Blind's Perceptual Navigation Instructors standing with group workshop participants at the 2015 No Barriers conference.
Photo for Academic drop-down banner shows World Access For The Blind President and Lead Perceptual Navigation Instructor Daniel Kish strapped into an MRI machine as part of partnered research into Flash Sonar Echolocation. Click the down arrow to expand the text section.
Photo for the Enterprise drop-down banner shows World Access For The Blind Perceptual Navigation Instructors Juan Ruiz and Brian Bushway delivering a presentation at an organization. Click the down arrow to expand the text banner.
Photo in the Media Drop-down banner shows World Access For The Blind President sitting between the director, and Vikram, the star of the Tamil film Vhaandavam. Click on the down arrow to expand the text field.
Photo for Tech drop-down banner shows World Access For The Blind President Daniel Kish onstage as a keynote speaker at the global TED conference in Vancouver with the lit TED logo sign behind him. Click the down arrow to expand the text field.

    One-On-One Personalized Instruction

    World Access For The Blind provides many Personal Services for individuals and families dealing with any stage of vision loss.

    We are also specialized in working with persons of any age who are living with additional challenges beyond vision loss, including persons diagnosed on the Autism spectrum.

    Educational and Rehabilitation Programming

    We offer comprehensive, detailed assessments of functional living and personal achievement. We do not poke and probe with a critical eye. Our assessments do not just highlight or innumerate student weaknesses. We learn who the student is by a process of respectful involvement, interaction, and exchange.

    We believe assessment has three purposes – to learn who the student is, to communicate that knowledge clearly and respectfully, and to propose an effective program of positive action based on those findings. Our assessment process rests on three principals:

    1.The student does not have special needs, but the same needs as all students – the need for full, self-directed access to the opportunities of all aspects of society.

    2.The intent of our assessment is not to determine what’s right or wrong with a student, but to determine how to optimize the student’s self-directed access to society. The key question is, what needs to happen in order for the student to gain full access?

    3.Student strengths are as important as student challenges, and a service program will capitalize on these strengths and address challenges.

    Before agreeing to conduct the assessment, we deliver a free consultation which includes an assessment price quote based on anticipated time to completion.  Click here for sample assessment reports.

    We also evaluate how best to supplement any existing programs or therapies, including working in conjunction with teachers, therapists and/or other orientation and mobility providers.

    Facilitated Communication and Advocacy

    You are fed up! You’ve thrown up your hands! You’ve had it up to here! Enough is enough! Maybe want an experienced ear to bounce things off of, or perhaps you just want a little direction or feedback .We can certainly help you.

    We have a unique, non-abrasive way to help you untangle the tangles, straighten out the messes, set the confusions straight, and find firm direction. Being blind ourselves, we have lived through the troubles, and we have learned to straighten them out in a way that can strengthen rather than further damage your relationship with your service agency. How do we do this?

    We have developed a process called “Facilitated Communication“. It is not advocacy in the traditional sense, though we do represent you and support your interests. We must remember that advocates have no legal authority to compel the service agency to do anything. Although advocates can be effective, the traditional advocacy approach often antagonizes the service agency by opposition, aggression, and argument – often worsening the situation. It’s a waste of time to argue the same points over and over.

    Talk to us for free. If we can’t help you, we’ll try to refer you to services that can, and we charge nothing until you decide that we can help.

    Activational Presentations and Group Workshops

    We go where we’re invited; we stay where we’re welcome. We don’t try to sell, persuade, or convince. Our aim is to share what we learn.

    We’ve delivered hundreds of workshops, presentations, and trainings directly to many thousands of participants in over 40 countries and about half the United States, whether they be groups of students, teachers / instructors / educational administrators or corporate and public organizations.

    We also provide Perceptual Navigation training to groups of orientation and mobility instructors with other organizations for the blind around the world.

    Most of our engagements are invited by word of mouth, and our services are overwhelmingly well received all across the globe.

    Although we charge only for reimbursement of our own expenses in most cases, we are often sponsored by religious and relief organizations, schools and universities, medical institutions, nonprofit entities, media companies, professional organizations, corporations, and private clients themselves out of appreciation for what they’ve received.

    Our workshops are immersive, fun, hands-on, experiential events involving blind student assistants with observation and application of a range of perceptual strategies of self direction in different environments throughout the community.

    We provide and demonstrate a comprehensive overview of using perception-based, achievement – oriented methodology to naturally foster the development of self-direction, including perception, intentional discovery, mutual social engagement, and psycho-emotional processes.

    Principals of perception-based instruction focus on audition, taction, and mutual social engagement. Properly supported, the self-direction systems in the brain of someone with little or no eyesight can adapt naturally to dynamically process and comprehend non-visual information and concepts.

    We discuss the critically supportive impact of early childhood perception-based training (including infants and toddlers), such as cane training, FlashSonar™, and mutual social engagement, as well as the disruptive impact of passively-imposed methods of guidance and external direction.

    FlashSonar™  is an advanced  perceptual ability to image the surrounding environment in functional detail by strategically using discrete sonar signals, such as a quiet tongue click. It appears to be most inspiring and motivating in its utility for imaging complex relationships and details from a distance.

    We demonstrate advanced perceptual skills, including  FlashSonar™. Selected blind student assistants learn the core curriculum in a pedagogical setting under observation of, and participation by, attendees.

    Attendees learn to apply perceptual development principals to teach FlashSonar™ by first-hand experience with sonar imaging, observing the curriculum taught to blind student assistants, and by practice-teaching each other.

    We also give specific attention to individualized strategies for enhancing and diversifying cane use and active social engagement for very young children and newly blinded adults.

    Most importantly, we have fun.

    Collaborative Research and Advisory Consulting

    World Access For The Blind’s Academic Services include advisory consulting for school boards and districts (across all grade levels), colleges and universities, providing curriculum support, lectures and workshops, including the provision of scholarly reference materials, as well as developing and participating in collaborative auditory and vision research projects.

    An example is Sonic Echolocation: A Modern Review and Synthesis of the Literature by Daniel Kish – 2003.  This scholarly monograph presents an exhaustive review of the literature on human echolocation. These findings are discussed with relevance to the design of a systematic echolocation training program. The positive impact of echolocation on blind travel is thoroughly documented.

    World Access For The Blind has been, and is currently, involved in academic research projects around the world as consultants, study subjects and co-authors including:

    The Brain and Mind Institute at The University of Western Ontario: Working with Director Melvyn Goodale, Distinguished University Professor and Canada Research Chair in Visual Neuroscience and, then, post-doctorate students Lore Thaler and Stephen Arnott studying the neurology of echolocation.

    Our work with Professor Goodale has been covered extensively in the international and local media, including MRI scans of the brains of WAFTB President Daniel Kish and Perceptual Navigation Instructor Brian Bushway.

    It has also resulted in a number of published, co-authored papers, including:

    Neural Correlates of Motion Processing  through Echolocation, Source Hearing and Vision in Blind Echolocation Experts and Sighted Echolocation Novices: Lore Thaler, Jennifer L Milne, Stephen R Arnott, Daniel Kish, Melvyn A Goodale | Journal of Neurophysiology Published 16 October, 2013.

    Parahippocampal Cortex  Is Involved In Material Processing Via Echoes In Blind Echolocation Experts: Jennifer L. Milne, Stephen R. Arnott, Daniel Kish, Melvyn A. Goodale, Lore Thaler | Elsevier | ScienceDirect | Journal of Vision Research  Published April 2015.

    Our academic partnership with Dr. Lore Thaler has continued at The Centre For Vision And Visual Cognition at Durham University in the United Kingdom.

    As the result of providing a total of 3 weeks of instruction to blind students and instructors in Mexico, World Access For The Blind has established a formal partnership with El Centro de Estudios para Invidentes A.C. – CEIAC – (Study Center for the Blind). CEIAC is the only nonprofit organization in México known to provide training and equipment to support mainstream education, recreation, and vocation for blind people.

    Besides promoting much needed professional exchange between Mexico and the U.S. regarding blindness, this partnership will spawn the first mobility certification preparation program in Mexico.

    It will also open the Spanish-speaking Americas to innovative alternative perception approaches, and mobilize a long-awaited campaign to bring the needs and strengths of blindness into the eye of the Hispanic public by disseminating information about blindness education, rehabilitation, and child-rearing.

    Activational Workshops, ADA  Consulting, Keynote Speakers and more

    World Access For The Blind provides Enterprise Services to private and public businesses, corporations and organizations worldwide.

    These services include:

    + FlashSonar™ Workshops and Activational Events

    + Accessibility (ADA) consulting, integration and awareness education of sighted and non-sighted employees

    + Seminars on dealing with the media about accessibility and blindness issues, building a corporate culture of inclusion, and how to reach blind consumers

    + Keynote Speakers for corporate events such as local, national and international conferences, we well as fundraising events

    We’ve provided services for some of the biggest Fortune 500 names in enterprise, including:

    Apple: Perceptual Consulting 2016

    Proctor & Gamble: World Design Conference 2013; Keynote Speaker and Perceptual Consulting

    PayPal: Mind and Sight Conference 2013; Keynote Speaker

    Fidelity Investments: Comfy Chair Conference 2015; Keynote Speaker

    + Paradigm Outcomes: Innovation Symposium 2015; Keynote Speaker

    + KenshooK8 2015; Keynote Speaker

    World Access For The Blind has also provided Keynote and/or Plenary services for top international conferences such as:

    TED2015: Vancouver; Keynote by Daniel Kish rated as a Top10 TEDTalk and currently with over 1 million views

    + TEDxMumbai | London | SoCal; 2011-2013 WAFTB President Daniel Kish

    + IEEE: International Symposium on Technology and Society 2013; Plenary Session

    + Center For Integrative Neuroscience: Brain Awareness Week 2014 : U of Nevada; Keynote Speakers

    +  EO-Entrepreneurs Organization: RIE2013 It’s Our Time: Chennai, India; Keynote

    Media Advisory | Documentaries | Interviews and more

    World Access For The Blind provides Media Services to private and public businesses, corporations and organizations worldwide, as well as consulting services for media corporations, movies and TV productions, in addition to providing Perceptual Navigation experts for documentaries, features, and talk shows on TV and Radio.

    Our FlashSonar™ clicks have echoed to over 2 Billion people across all media platforms in more than 200 countries around the world via ABC, ABC Australia, BBC, CBC, CBS, CTV, CNN, Discovery, Fox, History Channel, iTV, NatGeo, NBC, Nine Network Australia, NPR, SBS, Space TV, Univision, The Weather Channel, ZDF and more.

    We’ve been profiled and referenced in hundreds of print and online media pieces from the scholarly to the mainstream, and have been featured on the front page of The Los Angeles Times in the UK’s Daily Mail online, the guardian and The Telegraph, as well as magazines like Men’s Journal.

    Here are some examples of our Media Consulting Services and some of the most popular media programs we’ve participated in:

    Music Video: ‘Renegades‘ by X Ambassadors: Over 20 million views on YouTube & Vevo. Daniel Kish and Brian Bushway appear in it.

    Motion Picture: ‘Thaandavam‘ starring Vikram, Written and Directed by A L Vijay; Perceptual Navigation Consulting and Instruction; Daniel Kish appeared as himself in the movie, and we’ve collected various media about his experience here.

    TV Drama: ‘Criminal Minds: The Big Wheel‘; CBS-Season 4 Episode 22, April, 2009. Perceptual Navigation Consulting and Instruction.

    TV TALK: ‘The Doctors‘; CBS August 28, 2009 WAFTB Instructor Brian Bushway explains how FlashSonar™ echolocation works.

    TV FEATURE: Stan Lee’s Real Superhumans; History Channel April, 2010 WAFTB Perceptual Navigation Instructor Juan Ruiz is profiled. Daniel Kish also appears.

    TV FEATURE: ‘The Human Eclipse‘; The Weather Channel January 2014 WAFTB Perceptual Navigation Instructor J Steele-Louchart demonstrates FlashSonar™ echolocation.

    You can find more videos by scrolling further down on our Home page.

    Collaborative Advisory Consulting | App & Device Reviews | Keynote Speakers

    World Access For The Blind provides Tech Servicesthat include consulting on the development of adaptive and assistive applications, devices, and web-based services for schools, colleges and universities, entrepreneurs and start-ups, private and public businesses and corporations , as well as presenting high profile Keynote Addresses on tech-related topics like we’ve done at TED and TEDx conferences.

    We also take a lead position in ‘bringing the pieces together’ by mobilizing resources and expertise to move technology forward for blind people. We are drawing together people who really know about blindness, people who really know about human perception, and the people who know how to obtain the resources.

    Here are a few of our projects and endeavors:

    + Partnerships For Seeing Without Sight:

    World Access for the Blind, Alcon Labs CorporationNEC Foundation, and JR Controls Corporation established a philanthropic partnership to address the needs of blind people whose vision cannot be preserved or restored.

    Alcon Labs leads the medical field world wide in the design and production of surgical instrumentation to preserve and restore vision. NEC Corporation is a leading manufacturer and distributor of computer accessories, best known for their exquisite monitors. JR Controls is a lead company in circuit board manufacture.

    Alcon Foundation and NEC Foundation provided grants to complete and distribute the next version of SoundFlash™ (our FlashSonar™ enhancement device), together with instructional materials. JR Controls Corporation agreed to design and produce all prototype SoundFlash circuit boards, resulting in a potential savings of thousands of dollars.

    + The Future Of State-Of-The-Art Instructional Technologies:

    World Access for the Blind has aligned in partnership with the well established Oregon Research Institute (ORI) to exchange expertise in human sonar and virtual reality computer models.

    ORI has designed and put in place the only virtual environment that can be accessed nationally by children in wheelchairs. Our long term objective is to design and distribute a comprehensive computer program to provide supplementary instruction in hearing and orientation using a virtual reality simulation.



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    None of our donors’ financial information is stored or entered in this website and is only entered on the secure platforms of the payment providers, so please feel secure in making a donation to support our work teaching blind people to see in a new way using SonarVision.

    Stay tuned for the addition of our new payment partner and thanks for your understanding and support.

    The Visioneers Team

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