Visioneers Media: Online: Our partnered research with Durham University discover human echolocators are more like bats than we previously thought. Image: Screen photo from the Royal Society website of the echolocation paper co-authored by Daniel Kish. Link to the page.


Visioneers News Special Report: Visioneers | WAFTB named one of 68 Innovative practices out of 317 Nominees. Image: Zero Project banner is shown in front of a photo of the exterior of the United Nations Building in Vienna Austria. The white text on a green background readsZero project: For a world without barriers.

JUST IN: ABC WORLD NEWS NOW: Diane Macedo Profiles Daniel Kish on “Stranger Than Fiction”

Our Vision Is Sound. Image: Daniel Kish makes tongue-clicks as animated sound bars are superimposed.
Our Method Is Science. Computer graphic of the brain shows the visual cortex and surrounding area 'lit up' in different colors.
Our Results Change Lives. Photo shows Jr. Visioneer Ruben dressed in a Batman costume and mask being held aloft by his Mum tridie as a tribute to the 'real-life Bat Man' Daniel Kish.
Our Classroom Is Global. Photo shows Visioneers Daniel Kish and Brian Bushway standing with blind student coaches in front of a temple in Thailand.
Our Mission Is Universal. Visioneer Juan Ruiz leads a group of blind student coaches in Bangkok.
Our Champions Are You. Photo shows the start of the Alcon 5K Walk, Run, Ride Fundraising event to benefit World Access For The Blind.
It's all about a 'click and a stick'. The ‘click’, we call FlashSonar™, a more technically refined form of echolocation. The ‘stick’ is a carbon-fiber cane that unfolds or telescopes to what we call ‘full-length’ - much longer than the original white canes for blind persons. For over 15 years, World Access For The Blind has used both to teach advanced orientation and mobility using what we call ‘Perceptual Navigation’ to over 10,000 blind persons, their families, instructors, and interested members of their communities across the United States and in over 40 other countries. Image represents a side silhouette of Daniel Kish walking against a backdrop of echoing FlashSonar rings.
The adaptability of the human brain. Our work with academic research bodies around the world has shone more light on the ‘plasticity’ of the human brain and how it can adapt to a loss of sight. We’ve discovered the auditory echoes from our FlashSonar™ clicks light-up parts of the brain’s Visual Cortex normally used to see, like striking a match in the dark, enabling blind persons to ‘see’ with sound. We’ve integrated this with data from our pioneering work in early childhood cane research to evolve standard Orientation and Mobility to a whole new level. Same background as previous module.
Achieving Perceptual Freedom. Our innovative approach enables blind persons to achieve unprecedented freedom from ‘old school’ methods that were largely unchanged from the past century, resulting in an endless cycle of dependency, passivity and indignity. For some blind persons, orientation & mobility training is almost non-existent in many regions of the world, leaving them tragically immobile, isolated and dependent. This is totally unnecessary. With your financial help, we can ‘liberate’ many of them to work toward enriched lives of self-direction and dignity. Same silhouette background as previous two modules.



We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit registered in the State of California, and we’ve been changing lives for over 16 years.

We’re a group of blind and sighted professionals dedicated to teaching blind people of all ages to see with sound. 

This, along with our pioneering high-performance Perception Cane training, gives blind persons the skills to become more self- confident, self-reliant and self-directed, for a life of purpose, achievement, and the dignity of independent Perceptual Freedom.

WHO WE ARE. Photo: WAFTB Perceptual Navigation Instructor Brian Bushway leads a group of coaching students in Bangkok, Thailand.
WHAT WE DO. Photo: WAFTB President Daniel Kish stands with a group of students on bicycles with their Perception Navigation canes raised high in an 'All for one and one for all' salute.
HOW TO HELP. Image: iPhone set against a backdrop of social media names shows the donation page for WAFTB at PayPal Giving Fund where you can make a donation by credit card without having to have a PayPal account.


Brian Bushway. Photo shows him with students at an L.A. area school during a FlashSonar workshop at their Science Fair. Link to Brian's page.
Juan Ruiz. Photo shows Juan leading a group of blind FlashSonar Coach trainees in Bangkok, Thailand. Link to his page.
J Steele-Louchart. Photo shows J preparing 'pool noodles' into plastic bags for a jousting tournament at the Braille Beats camp in Michigan. nLink to his page.
Thomas Tajo, Photo shows Thomas using plates on a blindfolded participant in a FlashSonar workshop in Russia. Link to his page.


Our Perceptual Navigation Instructors and Coaches are living embodiments of our pioneering and innovative teaching systems because they were once our students, and have grown with us. Their own life experiences with blindness provide powerful insights and inspiration for all our students as they teach them to


TED. Ideas worth spreading. Daniel Kish: How I use sonar to navigate the world. Videlink shows Daniel onstage at TED. This video has 1 million, 1 hundred 5 thousand, one hundred and three total views.

WHAT WE DO: Services Directory

Services: Individuals: Blindness Living Skills & Perceptual Navigation. IMage: Photo of Daniel Kish and student Humoody SMith pictured against the Los Angeles skyline.
Services: Groups: Coaching, Navigation and Recreation workshops. Image: Photo shows WAFTB Perceptual Navigation Instructor Brian Bushway at the center of a large group at a recreation workshop.
Services: Education: Classes, Science Fairs, Special Ed Consulting. Image: Photo shows WAFTB's Brian Bushway with three students at a school in the Los Angeles Area standing in front of a WAFTB Banner in their classroom.
Services: Enterprise: Brain Activation Workshops, Keynotes and more. Image. Photo shows Daniel Kish delivering a keynote address at a large corporate gathering in New York City.
Services: Media: Appearances, Blindness Content Consulting. Image: Photo of Daniel Kish at the launch of a movie he consulted for in India.
Services: Tech: App/Ddevice Consulting, Keynotes, Research. Image: Photo of Daniel Kish onstage at TED.

HOW TO HELP: Make an Individual or Corporate Donation below & share across Social Media


Our passports bear testament to the growing demand at home and abroad for our services. That’s why we need your financial support to train and hire more instructors, creating jobs in the United States to meet that global demand.


Make a secure donation now via PayPal Giving Fund. There are No Fees, so that means 100 percent of your donation goes to World Access For The Blind. If you're donating by credit card, you'll be asked to register a PayPal account if you don't have one already with a simple email address and password. Click here to donate viaPayPal Giving Fund, and Thank You for your contribution.
Pay by credit card or with Apple or Android Pay. Click here to donate via Square.


Donations by personal check are also welcome. Please make the check payable to: World Access For The Blind and mail to:

World Access For The Blind

650 N. Rose Drive, #208

Placentia, CA 92870


Help us share life-changing Perceptual Freedom. We depend upon your support. Image: Silhouette of Daniel Kish walking with his full-length navigation cane.
Benevity Causes Portal. Donate to World Access For The Blind from your Company's Benevity account. Click here to link to WAFTB's page at Benevity.
World Access For The Blind U.S. Federal IRS Tax ID | EIN 330936778. Image: Silhouette of Daniel Kish walking.




Whether as the ‘real-life Bat Man’, or as co-stars with over 25 million views in X Ambassadors’ RENEGADES video, our FlashSonar™ clicks have echoed to over 2 billion global viewers via top international TV & Radio networks and well as in top international newspapers and magazines, and across the Internet via the major Social Media apps.

Visioneers Media: Our FlashSOnar clicks have echoed across all major media platforms worldwide.
WAFTB Online. Image shows online media logos blended with 'selfies' of users.
WAFTB Print. Image shows a collection of print articles about WAFTB from Men's Journal, to Success Magazine, National Geographic and the Los Angeles Times.
WAFTB Radio. Image of Radio logos from NPR, BBC and Behind The Mask and photos of Daniel Kish, Brian Bushway and some radio hosts.
WAFTB TV-Video. Image shows logos from some of the international TV networks WAFTB has appeared on against a backdrop of video thumbnails.
Visioneers Media: FlashSonar Textbook. Preview and order the definitive textbook about learning to see with sound. Image: Cover of "Echolocation and FlashSonar" by Daniel Kish and Jo Hook, featuring a photo of Daniel Kish speaking at the Global Ted Conference is set against a photo of Chapter 1-What is Echolocation?

TITLE: Echolocation and FlashSonar 

Echolocation and FlashSonar provides research, case examples, instructional approaches, and practice exercises that can lead to mastery of echolocation skills.

This guidebook, written by Daniel Kish and Jo Hook, provides instructional strategies for teaching persons who are blind and visually impaired who are working independently. Although Echolocation and FlashSonar works well as an instructional manual for O&M specialists, it can also be used by adults who are blind and visually impaired and who are not working with rehabilitation professionals.

Note: A braille edition is available as a free download: http://www.aph.org/manuals/


Preview of Echolocation And FlashSonar

By Daniel Kish and Jo Hook

You can preview the book’s introduction at this link, and order it online at this link.

We hope you will enjoy this book, and find it helpful. Neither the authors nor Visioneers / World Access for the Blind receive any royalties from the sale of this book. If you find this book helpful, please consider helping us reach more blind students in more places with your tax deductible donation to World Access for the Blind on our Holiday Appeal page or on our Make A Donation page.

Photo of Daniel Kish on stage at the global TED Conference in Vancouver.


Media:Online. Special Report: Assignment Thailand. Image: WAFTB President Daniel Kish leads a group of blind student instructors along a road in Bangkok, Thailand.
MEDIA:Print - Men's Journal Profile of Daniel Kish. Image: Screengrab of page with Men's Journal logo andthtle: The blind man who taught himself to see.
MEDIA:Radio: NPR exposes the real-life Batman. Image: Scnreengrab of NPR website with a illustration of a cyclist and the title: 'How to Become Batman.'
MEDIA: TV|VIDEO: DANIEL KISH VOTED A TOP-TEN TALK AT TED. Image: Daniel Kish, President of World Access For The Blind, stands onstage with the TED logo behind him.
NEWS: 'Blind' Review. Should a sighted actor play a blind man? WAFTB's Brian Bushway reviews that and 'Blind'. Image: Video still-frame shows Brian Bushway standing next to a theater lobby poster for the movie 'Blind'.

POPSUGAR Presents CONQUERED on Z Living | “KISH” Premieres on Great Big Story | CNN Films

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